We strive to give you all the tools you need to be able to land your dream job. For this purpose, we built The Career Accelerator - a 3 months program that begins once you finish the training, followed up with continuous professional and emotional support from the Masterschool team until you find your job.

The Career Accelerator begins with a 5 -week program led by our hand-picked Mentors, Career Coaches, and HR Professionals who will guide you through HR prep interviews, technical prep interviews, workshops, squad meetings where we will build your tech storytelling muscles, and more.

This is followed by a job-search period, where each student is assigned a personal mentor. On top of this, we are creating tech-industry partnerships - job and internship opportunities tailor-made for our students within the relevant industries.

As long as a student is actively looking for a job, the Masterschool team will support the student every step of the way.

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