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What if I can't find a job? Do I still pay?
What if I can't find a job? Do I still pay?
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The Mutual Success model allows our students to complete their training before paying the tuition.

Tuition payments begin only after you start earning more than the minimum income threshold in your new job. You’ll pay in up to 36 monthly installments until your tuition is fully paid, or after 5 years have passed from when you have finished your core training - whichever comes first.

If you are never hired for a position with a salary above the minimum income threshold, you will never pay.

However, in order to enroll in a Masterschool program, you will need to confirm that you intend to look for a full-time job in the tech industry as soon as you graduate.

As part of your program, we are here to support you in your job search for as long as it takes, with career coaching, simulations, and networking opportunities.

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