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What happens if I don’t complete the program?
What happens if I don’t complete the program?
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We do our best to support you as you launch your new career. We have a dedicated team behind each and every individual to help ensure that any student who begins the program, completes it successfully.

However, we understand that life does not always work out as planned, and for whatever reason, you may not be able to complete your program. In such cases, the amount you’ll need to pay will depend on the time you’ve spent in the program:

If you drop out within the first four weeks of your program, you won’t pay anything.

If you drop out after the first month, you will be required to pay a portion of the tuition, as detailed below.

After one month, you will need to pay 25% of your tuition.

After two months, you will need to pay 50% of your tuition.

After completing three months or more of the program, you'll need to pay the total amount of tuition.

Please keep in mind that even in cases where you don’t complete the program, your payments will still be up to 36 monthly installments until you pay off the amount of tuition owed, and that’s only if you get hired.

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