What is the Career Accelerator?
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During the Career Accelerator, we actively help our graduates find the new job they want. We still recommend you dedicate at least 15 hours/week to the Career Accelerator, with much of the focus being be shifted to your job search and becoming the ideal candidate.

In addition to continuing to learn advanced technical skills to make you the most attractive candidate, you will also join sessions and workshops that cover a variety of skills to help you feel confident and prepared as you apply to different jobs.

Although students can begin looking for their new job as soon as they are ready during their training (with our full support and assistance), the Career Accelerator “officially” begins at the end of the technical training period, when you have mastered the technical skills you need to be job-ready:

  • Data Analytics - after 6 months

  • Cybersecurity - after 7 months

  • Software Engineering - after 8 months

The Career Accelerator is where you'll learn all the soft skills to get hired: how to write an impressive resume, how to craft a convincing personal pitch, what to emphasize and what not to say during interviews, what you should write on your LinkedIn profile, and so much more. We will also hold simulations of both technical and non-technical interviews and give you feedback, so that you feel as comfortable as possible when interviewing with prospective employers.

You will also be invited to live guest lectures, panels and networking opportunities from experts in various industries that will provide insider tips and tricks, and help connect you and expand your network.

Learn more about exactly what to expect during the Career Accelerator here .

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