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What kind of assistance do I get during the Career Accelerator to help me find a job?
What kind of assistance do I get during the Career Accelerator to help me find a job?
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During the Career Accelerator, you will be continuing to develop your technical and soft skills, but also actively looking for your first full-time role in your new field of study and learning everything you need to know about getting hired for your dream job at a top tech company.

Our goal is to make you the ideal candidate for the role you want and to help you start your career as early as possible.

In addition to continued learning and job-ready training, during the Career Accelerator you will:

Participate in career workshops: Extensive live workshops that are focused on developing your “elevator pitch”, activating your personal and professional networks, learning job search and salary negotiation strategies, setting weekly goals, and more. Covering a wide range of topics, our career workshops will help you become the ideal candidate for the jobs you want, and to focus on what’s most likely to get you hired.

Join Squad meetings: A squad is a small group of students like you toshare advice and drive each other forward. Sessions will be moderated by a Squad Leader, an industry expert, who’ll bring their squad members from being job-ready to getting hired. In addition to group sessions, you will have weekly 1:1 meetings with your Squad Leader in order to track your progress and receive personal guidance and support.

Prepare for interviews: Master your industry technical proficiency and your Human Resources interviewing skills through taking part in live mock-interview simulations and receiving insightful, personal feedback from industry experts.

Build a job search toolkit: You will learn how to find and track your opportunities, manage your job interview process, build your portfolio, and showcase your projects with the best tools on the market to optimize and accelerate your job search.

Attend Masterschool’s Career Week: During our Career Week, you’ll be able to meet representatives from leading tech companies that are looking to hire our graduates.

A team of professionals will be with you every step of the way.

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