At Masterschool, we always keep in mind that each student is different. This is why the program is packed with 1:1 sessions and 24/7 support is offered and why the time you can start looking for a job may vary depending on your personal desires, skills, the time you had to spend on studying, and many other factors.

Our program is designed to get you job-ready within 6-8 months (depending on your field of study) and equip you with the essential skill set required for a full-time job.

We encourage our students to start looking for a job as soon as they are ready for it and support them until they are hired.

However, that doesn’t mean the learning stops there. In Masterschool, we believe in never-ending learning and growth. For that reason, during the Career Accelerator, we will continue to offer you advanced lessons and learning materials. This will ensure you attend job interviews with your new knowledge and skills fresh in your mind. You will show hiring managers you are hungry to learn and willing to do what it takes.

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