How long is the program?
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Masterschool’s training programs begin with 6-8 months of intensive technical training, where our students learn the technical skills they need to get job-ready:

  • Data Analytics - 6 months

  • Cybersecurity - 7 months

  • Software Engineering - 8 months

You must be prepared to dedicate 15-20 hours/week to your training.

Following training, you will join our Career Accelerator until you find a job. During the Career Accelerator, we still recommend students dedicate at least 15 hours a week, however much of the focus will be shifted to your job search and becoming the ideal candidate. You’ll participate in extensive career workshops, 1:1 mentorship sessions and continue to develop your technical skills with advanced classes.

Keep in mind, you begin your job search as soon as you are ready, with our full support. For many students, this is as early as 4 months into the program.

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