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No tuition payment upfront seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?
No tuition payment upfront seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?
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There really is no catch. You pay tuition only once you are hired.

We are confident this works, because we have been testing our curriculum and methodology for years, and we are confident we can help motivated students reach their goals and find a job.

Tuition cost is based on your country of residence, you can see here how much it is for you. There are no additional costs or hidden fees, and this price is fixed regardless of inflation or the time it takes you to finish making the payments.

Please keep in mind that there is a one-time nominal Commitment Fee of $250 USD / $300 CAD / £175 GBP / €250 EUR. This fee will only be charged after the first 30 days of your program. If you decide the program is not a good fit for you during these first 30 days, you will not be charged, no questions asked.

We offer this deferred payment plan because we truly believe in the ability of talented, passionate, and motivated students to reach their career goals when given the opportunity.

We also believe that investing in our students' ambitions is a great investment, which is why we have made it our business model. We’ve aligned our business goals with our students’ goals, meaning your success is literally our success, because we only get paid once you get hired.

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