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How do I know which payment plan is right for me?
How do I know which payment plan is right for me?
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This chart explains the differences between our payment plans:

Pay early, pay less

Pay as you go

Pay once you're hired


Pay the entire cost of tuition upfront, in one lump sum.

Pay in monthly installments for 36 months. You’ll start paying 30 days after you start the program.

Pay the total cost of tuition in monthly, up to 36, payments - but only after you finish the program and are working. The only upfront payment required is a Commitment Fee of $250 USD / $300 CAD / £175 GBP / €250 EUR, after the first 30 days of your program.

Why choose this plan?

You’ll save 56% off the total cost! It’s the best value for money.

You'll get a 46% discount, pay in smaller installments instead of one lump sum, and complete your tuition payments in just 36 months.

You can focus on your studies without worrying about any large payments upfront. However, you won’t receive any discount and will pay the full cost of tuition.

Remember, whichever plan you choose, you pay nothing for the first month of the program. You are essentially able to try our program and make sure it's a good fit — before you commit to it.

For the exact cost of tuition for each payment plan, click the link below according to where you live and work:

Still not sure how it all works or have specific questions? Our team is available and happy to chat all of this through with you. Click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner below.

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